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Romance wand curls. I uploaded a video on my channel on how to achieve this simple date night look. Check out out in the bio. Vanity style co is the name of the channel.
So Ive been filming with my camera for the past three nights to make a trailer for my youtube channel. I don't know what Im doing really but it is really fun. The hook that I wroteb is stuck in my head. It goes like this,"FASHION BEAUTY LIFESTYLE FUN * FASHION BEAUTY LIFESTYLE FUN* VANITY STYLE CO* FASHION BEAUTY LIFESTYLE FUN* FASHION BEAUTY LIFESTYLE FUN* VANITY STYLE CO" #kisscolors #morphe #bhcosmetics #maybelline @ Norfolk, Virginia
#FASHION #BEAUTY #LIFESTYLE #vanitystyleco what are your dreams? Do you hear them trying to guide you?? @ Norfolk, Virginia
FASHION.BEAUTY.LIFESTYLE. €€€ #vanitystyleco Im editing now #makeup #haircolor #haircut #fashion #shecutme #beauty #beyonce #topoff #757hairstylist
It's ring dance time... Hair by #vanitystyleco #bobhaircut #pixiecut #longhair #layers #healthyhair #shecutme @ Hair Cuttery
Dimensional red.silk press master. #OWAS #colormelt #757color #757hairstylist #vanityandthebeast #shorthair #shecutme #bobcut #beyonce #topoff
Crochet. Do a technique that helps them look individual and real. #757hairstylist #beyonce #bobbibosshair #bobbibossnulocs #crochetstyles #protectivestyles #vanityandthebeast #shecutme @ Hair Cuttery
@nailsbymaary thankyou so much I ❤️ my nails. exactly what i wanted
This is the bobby boss nu loc hair in 18 inches 4 1/2 packs were used and 21 strands were in each pack. I ordered the recommended six packs but I did not use all of them because i wanted my hair to really resemble a head of dreads. I've been getting asked how long have i been growing my hair.... "oh about a week" lol. stay creative. 💚💋 xoxo #kingEli
happy birthday Tupac!who else is going to see #alleyezonmemovie #tupacshakur #legend #tupacfan #shortcut #bobhaircut #shecutme #757hair #757color #757haircut #icuthair
new hair alert. stay tuned for final look and review
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the entire top is a sew in shhhh... don't tell anyone she is #certifiedslayed 💁🏽🙅🏽🙅🏽 you can't deny #icuther #shecutme #laylaglamsquad #shorthair #icuthair #letmecutyou
#OWAS just some looks that i've tried.
quick dye and cut for my honey comb. #details #nothingbutpixies #thecutlife #pixielifeofficial #shortcut #shorthair #shecutme #757hair #757hairstylist #icuthair #shecutme #bobhaircut #ceasarcut #partdesigns #sidepart #cutdesigns
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I want the #shecutme brand to be something pretty amazing
I was talking about a movie.... anyway make your passion you career so it won't seem like [email protected]_cut_me #style #trainedwell #skyisthelimit
keratin treatment plus influence hydrate shampoo conditioner equals vibrant shiny silky full natural hair. you don't have to be relaxed to have hair this beautiful. xoxo 💚💋 #KingEli
Happy birthday Diana Ross. Xoxo #KingEli
new color alert. i heard blondes have more fun. color was achieved with influence color shampoo and styling aids. i am also natural so i make sure that i keep up with my protein and moisture treatments. love yourself xoxo💚💋
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new video coming
I love lisa Bonet sometimes I feel like I want dreads and be free. then there are times I feel like a glamazon. Either way own your look. feel comfortable in your skin. 💚💋
xoxo #kingEli
girly girls do it better
#OWAS means oh what a selfie!!! each photo was a custom color and cut by yours truly... The first one she said I want RED like, "red red." So two months later she said I think I want blonde. So the red came off everywhere but the top... I knew that there was a possibility that this could be more than once process... I went in that break room and thought and thought for what seemed like forever, until I decided to throw copper on it for some flare, and she loved it. However, 2 weeks later I went back in the lab with my protein and ivy based color and now she has the blonde she desired... Diamonds are made with extreme pressure. When life throws you lemons make lemonade. And if at first you don't succeed dust yourself off and try again. etc. etc. you get the point. All great artist are not successful without trial and error. So no matter what do your best and be a beast in everything you do. And if it doesn't work out the way you planned it,learn from it and get back to work.XOXO 💚💋
#beautyblog #hairedition
So everyone is in love with the #boxerbraids, Kim kardashian braids, CB4 braids,Cleo from set it off, AKA straight backs. I don't disagree with dressing the name of something up so that's it's in a higher demand. After all it's ok to fake it till you make as long as you make it. So until we make it to where ever we desire to be let's dress up, and makeup , and put fancy names on things. XOXO 💋💚
#beautyblog #hairedition
Custom color. When a client asks for a specific color I always add another color in the mix, so that no one else can duplicate it. You deserve a color just for you. XOXO 💋💚
#beautyblog #haircoloredition I always try to inspire my clients to push the limits.. I knew that violet would bounce off that cinnamon brown so beautifully... It's very important to maintain a good regimen to achieve healthy hair, but even more important when having color treated hair. When my clients get color I cocktail protein and moisture together to insure that they retain length, vibrancy, and elasticity. (ability to stretch and return without breakage). Every 2 months she gets her cocktail, and a trim,or haircut. This client has had every color you can dream of and her hair is vibrant and grows faster than "she" would like. (lol) As women our hair, our image is everything; push through, and do something out of the ordinary. After all you deserve it. 💋💚
-XOXO #EliElliott
#Beautyblog #hairedition Cut deep condition and curl... It's so easy to maintain a style like this. At night you can pin curl your whole head, wrap it for a looser look, or pincurl the bang and tie a satin scarf around the sides. In the morning mist with your S3 shine spray, finger through your coif, and go on with your day. Stay beautiful 💋💚
-XOXO #EliElliott
#beautyblog #hairedition this isn't just some spray bottle with cognac colored liquid inside... This is my secret weapon.. This is how I create such beautiful colors, also how I'm able to do so much color and make sure my clients keep all their hair. It's protein. Straight protein. Not just any ole protein, it's ordered from a professional hair store.. I always invest in the best to insure I offer my clients the best. I dare you to try me, you won't be disappointed. Stay beautiful. 💋💚
-XOXO #EliElliott
#beautyblog #hairedition Natural ombré on virgin hair. Ombré means gradually shading from one shade to the next. Dark medium light. No lines of demarcation. Whose coloring your bundles?? Stay beautiful 💋💚
-XOXO #EliElliott
#beautyblog #hairedition #lipcolor have you perfected your ninja bun AKA messy bun AKA top knot bun? Well if you have you're not doing it right.. It's not suppose to be perfect... Meanwhile I can't decide on the nude lip or the pinky lavender...
#beautyblog #hairedition not my work.. This is from Raymond Torregano's work.. He is so bomb with color and cutting.. I learned some color and cutting techniques from his channel.. Anyway I am going to recreate this look on some curly virgin hair I made into a wig. Stay tuned beauties 💋💚
#beautyblog #makeupedition what's in your emergency makeup bag... Like when you're rushing on the go??? I have Bobby pins, two basic eyeshadows, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and tinted lip gloss..
So if you don't have one go to like family dollar, dollar tree, etc. and find an inexpensive pouch or bag and put your essentials in there. Keep it in your purse for when you're on the go and don't have time to do a full face. 💋💚 stay beautiful

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