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Recent social media posts by Ardoux

Just an update for all my peoples. I am recovering at just the right speed, although it is stupid slow in my opinion. I did this surgery, because the surgeon promised I’d be back to work at 6 weeks. Last Wednesday was the 6 week mark and I still struggle to lift the cut muscle above my waist without assistance.
I am doing my PT and working hard to get back by the end of September. I will contact you when I know for sure I can come back.
Thank you for all the love, cards, snacks, dinners and texts. You are not clients, but friends.
[05/01/20]   It won’t be long until the shop will be open and we can get back down to business. When this does happen, I will be taking precautions for myself and my clients. I will be scheduling so that there are not more than two clients here at one time. I will be requiring that masks be worn and if you are feeling sick in any way, you allow us to reschedule. I am anxious to see each smiling face soon!!!🤞😷
[02/01/20]   I’ve had so many folks ask about the microblading. Some are not sure what it is. Some are asking about how long it lasts. Any pain involved etc. Bambi is the tech who will be doing the microblading and is ready for any questions. PM me and give you her number. There are still a couple of spots open if you’re interested. Blow Dry Mistakes You May Be Making and HOW to Fix Them! This lady always has great tips about hair. Check out her YouTube channel. Find more details on the blog post:
[01/29/15]   Many of you have come in compalining about you or your kids hair becoming excessively knotty at the base of the neck. Because of the lack of moisture in the air, static electricity is gathering on all those nylon jackets...scarves....head rests....etc and causing the hair to become a jumbled mess. Static guard can be sprayed on brushes before applying them to your hair.....sprayed on the scarves, head rests, jackets etc , before putting them on. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.
[10/09/14]   Because of a software glitch my calendar for Thursday October 9 would appear to have been erased. If you have an appt with me tomorrow, please text me your appt time and name. Ain't technology wonderful?
[10/06/13]   It is a sad day when I must say goodbye to a friend and client. May Shirley be at peace today and may I always hear her laughter throughout my salon. A woman of class!
[08/09/13]   A client of 12 years asked me today if I had been doing her hair the longest out of all my clients. I told her no. She looks slightly upset and said " who do I need to kill.?"
I love my clients!
[07/30/13]   This week is vacation time for me with my family! I will return back next week...unless the beach beckons me to stay!

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