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Spotsylvania, VA, 22553

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Enough is enough. It’s been over 9 months guys. We are sorry but it’s out of our hands..........

We are moving we will keep you posted
Well folks this is the update on the barber shop, they have pretty much finished with the gutting and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that they continue to repair the shop in a speedy process 🤞🏻💈
Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience. Due to a fire in the shopping center a couple doors down from us we are currently closed.
[10/13/19]   Petes Barber Shop will be closed for a few days due to a fire at the Pig Pit. We will keep you informed as to when it will be open for business. Thank you...... The Spotsylvania location
Sorry for not reaching out on social media or Facebook not as often as I’d like to but I’m a be kinda honest. It’s hard when your a barber, the maintenance guy, the manager, someone that makes sure all the behind the scenes stuff gets taken care of.......let alone the husband, the father, the friend, the brother, the uncle, the son,.......

Well you know what I mean........

I’m not complaining by all means. I’m actually trying to say I love my job my family and my friends and who I am.

I thought this was a good pic of me and another Barber and just wanted to share and say Happy Holliday’s to all from Pete and Petes BarberShop Crew......
Shops open today. 10:00-3:00. Sunday is a great day to get fresh for the up coming week
Sunday’s a great day to get a fresh cut for the work week.......
Shops open 10:00-3:00
[12/17/16]   Due to the sheet of ice on the roads Pete's Barber Shop will not open until 11am today....spotsy sheriffs dept said u less you plan on ice skating out there to stay off the roads this morning...we will see you guys at 11.
[08/25/16]   Pete's Barber Shop would like to welcome the newest addition Keith to the crew!! Stop by and see us. Here till 7
[01/24/16]   In case anybody was wondering the barber shop is closed today :)
[12/11/15]   Here till 7, stop by and see Susie, John, Matt and Paz....
[12/05/15]   Shop open till 4 today!! Stop by and see Susie, Ron, John,Matt and Paz....
[09/03/15]   Come get those back to school cuts!! Open till 7
[07/11/15]   Barber shop open till 4pm... Stop by and visit Ron, Susie, Paz and John
[06/18/15]   Here at the barber shop till 7, come see Susie Shaheed and Paz ...
[05/23/15]   The barber shop will be closed Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day!! Enjoy and have a safe and fun holiday....
[05/14/15]   Ron, Shaheed and Susie will be here until 7 pm stop by and get your cuts!!
[02/16/15]   Get your snow haircuts!! Stop by and visit Susie, Ron and Shaheed...

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