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#hairdresserappreciationday #grateful #hairdresserslife #strongertogether #supporteachother #beautyprofessionals Thank you to all the hairdressers and beauty professionals out there. I am honored and humbled to be part of such an amazing community, to be able to learn, grow and share from you all. I appreciate each of you, and although today maybe meant for clients to celebrate and recognize what we do, I think we need to recognize, support and celebrate each other.
You are a rockstar
#hairdresserappreciationday #grateful #hairdresserslife #strongertogether #supporteachother #ownit #beautyprofessionals #lifecoach #lifecurator
In The Know Innovation You can wash your hair 80 times with this shampoo that doesn’t come in a bottle 😱
#crochet #crochetbraids #protectivestyles #bookyourappointment #badazzhairstudiollc #hairstyles #haircare
#Steamtreatment #naturalhair #comeseeme #bookyourappointment #badazzhairstudiollc #haircare #dmvstylist Whether you use individual lashes or a strip of lashes, you need to know the facts about what you're putting around your eyes. Take a look... While many view braids as just a creative hairstyle, there is a history behind braids that show us how slaves actually used hairstyles to relay messages and navigate their way to freedom. Take a look... StyleSeat - Online Booking for Hair Stylists & Beauty Professionals StyleSeat is the online destination for beauty & wellness professionals and clients. Professionals can showcase their work, connect with new and existing clients, and build their business. Clients can discover new services and providers, book appointments online, and get inspired
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The Jasmine BRAND #Eyebrow wigs are a new #beauty trend available in different styles, colors & thickness. They're applied using special adhesive & last 2 to 3 days. (#brows #beautytrend)
Brambleroots ✅ BUY TOOLS TO DIY:


When I say "instant locs," I mean it! Don't stress with comb coils or twists. Get tight locks without the wait.

Want locks now? Have locs already but want to tighten them in a matter of minutes? Message Brambleroots on Facebook for rates and availability.


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Healthy Hair Journey
Healthy Hair Journey All About LACE FRONTALS & Why I Think They Are Overrated… Are you thinking about getting a lace frontal? Have you gotten caught up in the hype and haven’t done your research? Well, this is what you need to know… I will cover what I have learne… Crown and Glory Hair Show - Saturday July 23, 2016- Babylon Woodbridge Brown Sugar Hair Boutique is holding its 1st annual "Crown and Glory Hair Show" On Saturday July 23, 2016. The event will be held at Babylon Woodbridge 3081 ...
Brown Sugar Hair Boutique Crown & Glory The Brown Sugar Experience.
This Saturday / Doors Open @ 3:00pm
Portion of the proceeds are going to the Hylton Boys & Girls Club.
Come out and support Brown Sugar and the youth of the future.
[07/16/16]   Good morning!
Don't fall for cheap prices...You get what you pay for! * Secrets to Undetectable Extensions: (not pictured) ;)
OMG Girlz SMH! Who did this? lol * Current Status... ;)

From BTC is on Instagram: New Mineral Treatment Increases Hair Growth 3X The Average Rate! “gurls seriously can’t believe I found something not only stop my hair from getting damaged from all the processing but also help it seriously grow! All my friends wanna know my secret!”
#scheduletoday #571.249.2995
Wetal For more information follow 360waveProcess - Rashaad
Original video is here :
If you wanna buy clic here :
#thecutbuddy #haircut #lineup #hairstyle #360waveprocess New Study Shows That Black Women Don’t Preserve Their Hair When Exercising A new study from the American Medical Association reveals that when the majority of Black women exercise, we don’t protect our hair. Will Using Caffeine for Skin and Haircare Be the Biggest Beauty Trend of 2015? Fingers Crossed,... Most people need their morning dose of caffeine, administered by a steaming mug of coffee or tea. But what about using caffeine on your hair and skin to jumpstart your day? Yep, the energy boosting ingredient is well on its way to becoming the beauty product for 2015, already being added hair and The importance of a healthy scalp - BlackHairMedia Tips on the importance of maintaining a healthy scalp to encourage hair growth. 12 Tips To Work Your Butts Off Smarter... :) What Your Hair Says About Your Health Medical researchers from around the world have been fascinated with hair and have uncovered what hair really tells us about our overall health condition... 17 natural way make the hair grow faster | Make your hair grow faster naturally - is not difficult, you just need to know the appropriate ways and primenyatih correctly. Why Does Hair Change Colour And Turn Grey? Most of us find our first “greys” by the time we turn 30, usually at the temples, then later, across the scalp. While many people find the salt and pepper look appealing, others go to great lengths to conceal these locks. The grey hair “rule of thumb” is that by the age of 50, half of the population… Glow-In-The-Dark Hair Is the Latest Trend to Light Up Your Life 2016, you’re off to a radiant start! Just last month grey granny hair was in style and the gold-leaf hair trend, and before that we were all about hair tattoos, glitter roots, and even the dude-friendly trend of glitter beards. These days, if you want to make your Lisa Frank-esque rainbow mane glow,… The 10 Best Hair Products for Men From pomade to spray, here’s everything you need for perfect hair

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