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We have been OPEN and can accommodate MOST services! Every precaution is being taken to ensure your safety. I sent an email out to my existing clients laying out our current safety protocols for visiting, but if you did not see it, let me know and I can resend it. Some services are not available to book online due to extra screening protocols, but they still may be an option! If you have a question about the services you wish to receive, please text or email me! I can’t wait to see you!! 571-228-1974/[email protected].
Lash lift and tint and brows can be done with your mask on. And since your 👀 are the spotlight these days, why not make them really stand out!
Skin Care Solutions
During these trying times, so many of us have had to cancel much anticipated vacations. Let me help you plan for your NEXT vacation with GREAT deals on Laser Hair Removal! Leave you razor at home for your next trip - and all trips after that! “LIKE” this page and tag two friends for a chance to win a laser hair removal package! Every “like”, tag or comment earns an entry into the drawing!
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I can only do limited face work around the mask for now but if you have any superficial skin irregularities on other areas, I can treat those! Bring me your pink spots! These are Cherry Angiomas and they tend to show up on many people as we get get older. I can treat them quickly and easily with minimal healing time, with my new Skin Classic machine! I can also treat other minor epidermal skin irregularities such as skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, fibromas, broken capillaries on the face, and some flat and raised brown hyperpigmentation. Get a more uniform, even look with Skin Classic!
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Skin Care Solutions Feeling like your eyebrows could just start crawling off your face of their own will? I can fix that! TEXT me for an appointment! Booking now!
As we happily prepare to welcome you back, here are some guidelines to expect! We appreciate your cooperation for the safety of all our staff and clients! I will be taking limited appointments starting Monday June 1st BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please text me to set up your time as my online booking option is closed until we reach phase 2. No facial treatments will be offered at this time and a mask must be worn at all times for other services. We can’t wait to see you!
Working diligently to ensure your safety as we prepare to re-open in the coming weeks!
JonDavid Salon We can’t wait to serve our clients again! While the salon will open in Phase 1, please be aware that many of the services I provide at Skin Care Solutions fall under Phase 2 guidelines. Here are some of the initial precautions we will be taking to protect our clients and the staff. There will be additional guidelines that I will be implementing as well. A list will be provided to all returning clients before their appointments. We appreciate your cooperation during these challenging times! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me! As we are preparing to reopen, we are implementing some new policies that will help us all stay healthy.😷.
*Please watch this video to know what to expect when coming back to Jon David Salon. 💇.
☎️ We have not yet set a date for when scheduling will begin. We are planning to reopen on May 29th, as long as the state & local jurisdictions say it is safe to do so. As we get closer to the 29th, we will announce when our phones will be open.
THANK YOU for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this “new normal.” We miss you! 💜.
▪️JDS Marketplace is OPEN! Need a product? Go to & we’ll ship it to you! 📦📪
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Spa Day at home! For TWO!! 🌷Mother/Daughter special 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♀️(or two treatments just for you!) Each collection includes 4 sets of eyes👁, 2 face, 2 lips💋, 2 neck treatments. You also get 2 BabyFoot Peels 🦶🏻- Sandal Season is coming! - And a Cleanser, toner, exfoliant and moisturizer for your skin type. Just $60! Choose your collection.

BARBICIDE® Certification Course We're committed to taking every precaution in ensuring your health and safety in our treatment room! I take at least one certification every year in sanitation, disinfection and sterilization. Welcome to BARBICIDE® Certification This program is designed for anyone in the Professional Beauty Industry who believes that infection control is one of the most important concepts in the salon, spa or barbershop. By completing this course and becoming BARBICIDE® Certified you will demonstrate to... LET’S TALK BEAUTY If you have a mirror in your bathroom, a bottle of shampoo in your shower, a tube of lipstick in your purse, you are familiar with the…
Have a Spa Day at Home! This Deluxe package of goodies will pamper you head to toe! Pay by paypal or Venmo and pick up Contact-Free in Springfield! Best for Normal/Combo, Dry, Aging Skin. I can customize a package for any skin type. Limited to quantities on hand so get yours fast!
Four Nine Please wait for me! I don’t want you to end up like this. 😱Stay safe - in all ways! - I can’t wait to see you all! 😘 Wait until you see why she ended up in hospital 🤯😱
Next round of products! Everything 20% - 50% off!
Important safety info about our Covid-19 SALE! Products haven’t been touched by anyone but me and I’ve been mostly home since 3/15. As I pack up orders, I am wearing gloves and wiping products down with disinfecting wipes but please take your own precautions as your would with grocery store items.
[04/08/20]   C🐝D Products will be listed in this thread!
[04/08/20]   Young Living Special Addition Items will be added to this thread! Message me for special pricing!
Makeology Photoshopped Eye Cream. Reg. $49 SALE $35 (3 in stock)
Ess Essential oil rollers SET of 5 (top row) reg. $95 SALE $75
SET of 2 (bottom row) Reg. $38 SALE $32
Reg. $149 SALE $115
Special Addition! This was so popular! I only have ONE left. $65. If several people want it, I will draw a name on Sat. 4/11. Comment below or msg. Me if interested.
First round! Trapp Private Garden Candles. These are the BEST smelling candles EVER! They have a bottle of perfume in every candle!
7 - 9oz. Large poured candles in clear glass. I’ve seen these for up to $45 each. Selling $20 each
6 - 1oz. Poured Votives in glass holders. These sell for $11 - $13 each. Selling one Votive PLUS 2 refills for $15. I have refills in the four scents in the bottom row of the 2nd picture
1 - 9oz. Poured Orange Vanilla. No fancy box and burned 1x. $10. I have others that have been burned 1 or a few times. If anyone is interested, msg. Me and I can let you know what I have.
[04/07/20]   Over the next several days I will be listing my on-hand inventory for sale! I will try to keep it in a few posts with each additional item in the comments. Feel free to comment on any item you would like right away but I won't finalize confirmations until after everything is listed so that I can bundle things together for those taking advantage of multiple items. Due to the Covid-19 crises and the generous discounts, these items are for pick up only, in Springfield. You can msg. me for possible delivery if you live close to me! I can accept paypal friends and family, venmo, or make arrangement for credit card over the phone.
[04/04/20]   Spring Inventory Sales! To all of my Dermalogica, Skin Script and Young Living product lovers: Rather than let my products sit on the shelves while we are mandated to be closed, I am sending them home with YOU for great savings! All products on hand 10% - 50% off! I will be listing items soon but if there is anything specific you would like before I make the sales public, let me know! Sale limited to stock on hand.
Some NEW Products to get excited about!
Young Living Essential Oils - Karin #2299277 Thieves Cleaner, hand soap, spray, hand sanitizer, essential oil... (plus some other great stuff!). These are the things so many people are asking me for. I would love to supply them all to you if I could! But as you can imagine, these products are in HIGH demand right now! They are often limited to 1 per account per month. I only have one account. I will happily sell any EXTRA I have, but I need to keep my own family safe as well and these are in my personal order every month right now. The best way for you to get these products in your hands is to be someone who can order your OWN 1 (or more) per month, at the same price I pay. We DO have a Thieves starter kit which gets you even better (way better...) than wholesale price. But even if you’re not interested in that, we have a basic starter kit that is only $35 and gets you a bottle of Stress Away - which we all need right now! - plus will let you buy whatever else you want at wholesale. You never need to order another thing ever. I think once you see the quality and power of these products, you’ll want more but that is totally up to you! Detox your home and protect the ones you love! I hope everyone stays safe and well and HOME as much as you can in this crazy time. Alternatives to Lysol - Lindsey Elmore I’m so thankful for my Thieve’s spray, hand soap, and hand sanitizer in these times! Having my Thieves oil and Household cleaner is a great relief because I can create ANY kind of household cleaner I need with this product line. Plus no toxic chemicals to inhale, super concentrated and cost effective, and it makes my house smell AMAZING! Do you know the dangers of Lysol and other chemical disinfectant sprays? Check out these alternatives to Lysol for a safer option.
[03/25/20]   If any of my clients, friends, family need skin care advice or products, contact me! I can sanitize (I have no symptoms and have been socially distancing but still recommend that you re-sanitize ANYTHING you pick up from any store or another person and then wash your hands again) and leave outside my front door for you. I can take paypal or venmo and if you live near me, free delivery is even an option! Health compromised and afraid to go shopping? Let me know and I will shop and drop off for you if I can, when I go! (I only plan to go about 1x/week at most, when I need to, to comply with gov’t guidelines) When I can re-open I know so many others will have been without work as well, and will be offering some specials to help you catch up and still get the services you need! We’re all in this together. ❤️

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