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Wishing everyone a wonderful thanksgiving! I couldn’t be more grateful to all my clients who have followed and supported me all these years and especially this year! Thank you!
Thank you!!!!

Wow!!! 10 years!! So ABSOLUTELY grateful to all of you!! You have made this journey an incredible one!!! THANK YOU!!!! And cheers to 10 more!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Im scared!!!!
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The new “candy bowl”. Oh and ive got toilet paper!!
Im doing my part. Are you doing yours?? Stay healthy!!! 🥰

Hilarious Ted When clients are ready for their brazilian waxes!

Punisher?!!!! Omg!!!
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skininc.com 5 Top Myths of Sunscreen skininc.com In the recent years, public awareness has improved concerning the importance of sunscreen in the prevention of skin cancer. However, many people still hold misconceptions regarding sunscreen.
Happy Easter and Hello Spring!!!
Wishing everyone the most Merry of holidays! 😘😘😘🎄
Wishing you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!! Thank you soooooo much for choosing Skin and Wax Studio! 😘😘😘
Happy Veterans day and Thank you!
😂😂😂 Tag your trend obsessed bestie!
Please follow my IG @artrhapsody for more silliness! 🙏🏼💋💖
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yay! Did it again! Thank you to all!!!
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Timeline Photos
hahaha i guess there are negatives to brazilian waxing =)😜😜

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