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Taking this blonde beauty into Fall with soft caramels, honey blondes, pops of Scarlett but keeping with some of the platinums that bedazzles her all spring and summer.
Home Sweet Salon One of my favorite ladies. I always hope life blesses her a thousand times more than how it has. She is beautiful in and out. Which puts the pressure on me. I need her hair to live up to the rest of her❤️
One of my favorite ladies. I always hope life blesses her a thousand times more than how it has. She is beautiful in and out. Which puts the pressure on me. I need her hair to live up to the rest of her❤️
Autumn is beautiful until sadly, the leaves fall. So I think I’ll just fill our world with all the gorgeous colors that make us love this time of year. Thank god for the clients who let me play.

Here’s a rich burgundy with a kiss of Scarlett. Because no leaf is bland enough to boast only one shade. 😉
Last one for this week. Silvery moonlit lights amidst a haze of purple rain. 😂
The shag is back in all lengths. Coffee black with a kiss of tourquiose.
Medium Smokey ombré — making for low mantenience with heavy money pieces around the face for extra pop.

She’s such a treasure. And all that hair and shine for days! The stars at night will have nothing on her!
I don’t normally do face shots because Clients deserve privacy AND it makes it harder to imagine yourself with hair (for some people). But I couldn’t resist today. The black cherry root smudge into mahogany scarlet reds and a splash of caramel and blonde was too much to ignore. We had to do a face shot just to show off the pop and fade. And honestly, I think she looks amazing even if she didn’t have makeup on! Now that’s color— when you can wear it with or without!
Taking platinum blonde into Fall. Warming it up with chocolates, beigey honey and still a smidgen of platinum.
The best thing about having clients who keep coming back is, they get comfortable and so do I. I start to learn them and their tastes and, well, needs, concerning hair. So, we transitioned this lady into fall with a root smudge creating softer honey and beige highlights.

It’s a brand new day! Brand new work week! Now who needs something done with their hair?
Lots of openings this week. Give me a Call, Text or Private Message if you want to book!
Hey everyone! I had some cancellations this week— so yell if ya need an appointment!

If you would like something done, please Private Message (Here), Text or Call. 1-540-292-8963Do not comment here asking for an appointment because Facebook doesn’t always send me a notification and I don’t want any of you to think I’d ignore ya!
Home Sweet Salon's cover photo
Home Sweet Salon's cover photo
My husband is pretty flippin’ awesome. He worked all day, all this week, and then came home to help me on the Salon with the building and things I couldn’t do. He even gave the guys, an addition, so they could have their own barbershop area lol. That might have been for him too, lol.

I’m doing a soft opening tomorrow and Saturday which I’m filled for but I have plenty of spots open for next week at the new location!
[08/28/20]   This Saturday is my last day next to BG’s. Unfortunately, I’m all booked up this Friday and Saturday. I’m going to shut down some next week to get everything moved and organized— but I’ll be back open next Friday 4th and Saturday 5th and then the following week, as normal.

The new address is ( the one I was at for years prior) 1853 Little Calf Pasture Hwy, Swoope. Just past the green house with pond. There will be a sign by the road.

Hope to see all of you there because I love ya all and so many have become like family to me. And don’t forget to keep supporting BGs. These are tough times for businesses. We all have smiles on our faces but inside, we’re all kind of trying to figure out ways to keep it going. 🌹
So...so... silver with a touch of violet.
[08/19/20]   Have some openings available for tomorrow, Thursday, August 20th from 12 to 2:00.
The temps maybe hawt but we are gearing down for Fall. A black cherry shadow root, beige blondes, caramels and mahogany’s. (❤️ this lady. She is always switching it up)!!!
We have the Fairy Tales in stock for the little ones going back to school. Natural repellant and conditioning spray to keep the bugs away. All natural. This year, so far, I have two different sizes. We have a 12 oz with 50% more Free — for 13.50 and then a 32 oz (1 liter) refillable size for 25.
[08/11/20]   Salon is closed today. Nursing home called and said mom took a turn for the worst and they think she will pass soon.
[08/10/20]   Salon will be open this week Tuesday — Saturday. Feel free to set your appointments because I have plenty of spaces. The time I close will be based on when my appointments end. I’ll go see my mom then. 🌹
[08/08/20]   I am opening long enough today to do the appts that I already have on the books so I can go back to the nursing home.
[08/06/20]   Home Sweet Salon will be closed Friday, the 7th.
[08/06/20]   Closing early. Emergency with my mom.
[08/06/20]   For the remainder of the month, hours of the shop will depend on appts. If I don’t have anymore appts, I’ll close for the day. But even if I am closed up, if you need one, all you need to do is call and I’ll run back down. I’m just up the road. But with the move at the end of the month, and things slowing down, I’d rather make use of dead time by doing something and not just sitting.

Plenty of openings available. So yell.

If anyone missed it, at the end of August, I am moving my shop back to 1853 Little Calf Pasture Hwy on Little North Mtn. This is a legitimate salon-own entrance, etc.

If you know where the green house is with pond, or the little row of White Houses, then that’s approximately where I am. Watch for the sign. Same place I was for years.

It’s been great being in Craigsville and my landlords are more like family to me — but due to our crazy Governor and his restrictions, school changes, people turning in churches and businesses and such, I feel like this is the right move so that I can better serve my clients.

I’d love for my clientele to stay with me but if you choose not to, then may god bless you and yours anyway.

Be Happy
[07/28/20]   If you have un-used Tanning Packages, August is your last chance to get them in.
[07/27/20]   After a lot of thought, August will be my last month in Craigsville. Some time in September, I’ll be moving back to my home salon on little north mtn. It’s bitter sweet but with everything the Governor has done, continues to do, with schools as they are, the strain on small businesses, I can better serve my Clients and family where I started. I hope everyone chooses to follow me— I’ll only be four minutes or so up the road. And it will be an actual salon — handicap ramp, own entrance, (not working out of my kitchen.), etc. If not, I’ll miss you but appreciated your support. If so, then that would be a spoonful of sweet to a bowl of slightly bitter.❤️
Home Sweet Salon New blonde for an absolute beauty ...
New blonde for an absolute beauty ...
[07/05/20]   For those who called or sent messages.....

Coming home today. Will shout back later today or tomorrow. 🌹

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